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Hey #RomanEmpire! We all have a very special place for Roman Reigns in our hearts. Two weeks ago, the #BigDog delivered what is now being called the most heartfelt message in WWE History. As his loyal fans, we want to follow him through his journey. We decided that we want to come together and use this time to donate to one of Roman’s favorite foundations to help find a cure. We want to add a little surprise for a very special donator. As a very special gift, a wwe supporter has volunteered to customize a pair of shoes for the winner. Go Here to Donate- https://www.jimmyv.org

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Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

He welcomes everyone to Raw. Kurt says he has some bad news. Roman Reigns’ suspension is still in effect and he will not be in the building tonight. Kurt says that Brock Lesnar is not at the building yet, but he will be here tonight.

Kurt turns his attention to the tag team battle royal from last week. Braun entered without a partner last week and he won.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring while Kurt was talking about the tag team situation.

Kurt wants to know why Roman is here and Kurt tells Roman he is trespassing.

Roman says he does not care. Roman says Brock was not here the last few weeks and someone has to represent the main event of Wrestlemania.

Kurt says Brock will be here. Roman says he wants to know where Brock is. Kurt says that Brock has promised he will be here. He tells Roman he has to do it outside the building tonight because he is suspended. Roman wonders what he was suspended for.

Kurt tells Roman that he will be able to get his hands on Roman in three weeks. Kurt tells Roman to be patient because it will happen. He will have Brock in the palm of his hands at Wrestlemania.

Roman says he understands but he still does not care. Roman says this is Dallas and he made a whole bunch of memories in here. He will not leave the ring until he makes one more. Roman tells Kurt to go back and tell whoever is in the back that he is not leaving his ring until he faces Brock Lesnar tonight.

Kurt leaves the ring and Roman has a chair and sits down in the ring.

Some US Marshals make their way to the ring and one of them has handcuffs while the other reads Roman his rights. Roman is handcuffed and he starts to leave the ring until one of the Marshals puts his hands on Roman. They start to be forceful with Roman and then Roman attacks all of them.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he skips his way to the ring and Roman is still handcuffed. Roman misses with the chair and then he hits a German suplex. Lesnar hits Roman with the chair. Roman with another German suplex. Brock returns to the chair shots to the back. Roman with another German suplex. Brock gets the chair again and he hits Roman a few more times.

Brock leaves the ring and starts to go to the back but he decides to return to teh ring and he hits Roman with the chair again and gives Roman another German suplex.

Brock stands by Paul, but he does not think that he is finished and he goes back to the ring to give Roman an F-5.

Brock goes to the stage with Paul while a stretcher goes past him to take what is left of Roman to a local medical facility and the crowd chants “You Deserve It”.

Roman is put on the stretcher and Brock’s music plays again and he pushes the stretcher over. Brock pulls the stretcher away from the ringside barrier and then he goes to the back with Paul.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened when Roman Reigns assaulted law enforcement and Brock Lesnar’s response to Roman’s actions.

We see Roman being put into the ambulance.

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Digitals • Screencaptures
We open with a long recap of the Sheamus vs. Reigns issues from Raw, including the formation of the League of Nations.

Reigns, the Usos and Ambrose are in the ring to start with Roman talking about being in the ring with his family. All three of these men are like brothers to him and he hugs Dean, who he’s known for five years but there have been enough memories for thirty. Reigns wants to get his hands on Sheamus and the League of Nations tonight so here are Sheamus and company.The fans chant USA but Sheamus says the four of them all have Green Cards. Well Rusev doesn’t but he’s working on it. Sheamus brings up Reigns’ five minute title reign but it’s worth it because now there’s the cool Sheamus 5:15 shirt. There has been an eight man tag made for tonight and Sheamus lists off all eight men in the match

This brings out New Day with Woods asking why Reigns is so serious. Big E. renames Roman the Ruiner and Kofi has a new match to announce for later tonight: New Day vs. Usos/Ambrose and if the Usos and Ambrose can’t win, Reigns is going to fight the League of Nations on his own tonight.

Roman Reigns vs. League of Nations

4-1 handicap. Still no Lana or Colter out with the League. Before the match, Reigns says the important thing is Jimmy’s being ok. Renee Young comes up to say Reigns has to go out there on his own but he’s ready to bring the pain. Del Rio starts for his team and gets punched into his corner. Booker: “Roman Reigns is a man alone on an island right now. Like Gilligan.” Sheamus comes in and goes right after Reigns, dragging him into the wrong corner.

Reigns fights back until Barrett trips him from the floor……which is good for an elimination. Lawler calls him Wade and the League is ticked off as we go to a break. Back with Del Rio punching in the corner and Rusev getting two off a belly to back suplex. Rusev throws him to the floor for a beating from the partners as the numbers are dominating.

Sheamus’ release suplex gets two and we hit the chinlock. Roman finally gets up a boot to stop a charging Rusev and scores with a Samoan drop. Roman gets up and isolates Del Rio but Rusev comes in for a distraction. The Backstabber gets two for Del Rio but Reigns nails a quick spear for the same with Sheamus making the save. The apron boot hits Rusev and a clothesline off the steps drops Sheamus. Del Rio gets thrown over the announcers’ table and Reigns beats the count back in at 15:22.

Result: Roman Reigns b. League of Nations via countout (15:22)

Ambrose and the Usos come out for the save to end the show.

Source: WrestlingRumors.net 

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After coming so close at reaching his dream, Roman sets his eyes on TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) where he aims to win back the title from Sheamus, the person who stole it from him.

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
* SmackDown kicks off with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos in the ring calling out the League of Nations. They come out and we get an eight-man main event for tonight. The New Day comes out and says The Usos and Ambrose have to fight them in order to be Reigns’ partners in the main event.

* Roman Reigns vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and King Barrett in a Handicap match is next. Barrett got eliminated half-way into the match. Rusev works over Reigns pretty good now. Reigns ends up winning by count out. After the match, Sheamus hits Reins with a Brogue Kick and out come The Usos with Ambrose. The babyfaces help Reigns fight off The League of Nations and stand tall to end SmackDown.

Credit: Wrestling Inc

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After conquering his dream and becoming World Heavyweight Championship, it was soon forced from his grasp by the authority’s new leading man Sheamus. What will Roman have to do to get his championship back.

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
* Roman Reigns kicks off SmackDown with a promo. There is a table, ladder and chair set up in the ring. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus interrupts. Reigns calls Sheamus to the ring but Sheamus laughs at him. Sheamus calls Reigns a “walking, talking Adele song” and a confrontation is teased. Reigns promises he will get his title back at TLC.


credit: Wrestling Inc

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Roman Reigns has been on a roll as of late. Qualifying to go after the World Heavyweight Championship. What will he face next on Smackdown?

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
* Miz TV kicks off tonight’s SmackDown. Kevin Owens interrupts and declares it The Kevin Owens Show. Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter interrupt. Owens and Del Rio have words and face off. Dean Ambrose comes out to a big reaction. Roman Reigns is out next to a standing ovation, according to our correspondent. R-Truth is out next. He says he will cut through everyone else like a hot knife through butter. Miz reminds Truth he’s not in the tournament. Truth apologizes and wishes Reigns and Ambrose good luck. He refused to wish good luck to Owens and Del Rio, then leaves. The Miz throws a fit and Reigns distracts him, allowing Ambrose to knock Miz out with a punch. The others clear the ring and the segment ends with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall. * Backstage segment with Reigns and Ambrose talking about being in the Survivor Series main event together. * Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens and WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio by DQ when Del Rio threw Reigns into the steel steps. Del Rio apparently had several botches in the match. A brawl breaks out before Reigns and Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and a spear. They stand tall as SmackDown ends.

credit: Wrestling Inc



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After Roman teamed up with his brother from another mother Dean Ambrose and former Shield member & World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, what will be in store for the Samoan Superman with Hell In A Cell this Sunday?

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
* Smackdown starts with a promo from Kane. New Day interrupts and they’re announced in a match against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose later tonight.

* Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Big E in a non-title match is next.

* New Day goes to leave but The Dudley Boyz come out on the stage to block them. Reigns and Ambrose bring The New Day back to the ring and The Dudleyz leave. Reigns hits Kofi with a spear for the win. After the match, Reigns and Ambrose celebrate but are interrupted by a Bray Wyatt promo on the big screen. SmackDown ends

Credit: Wrestling Inc

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Find out what Roman is up to on this weeks Smackdown below, mind you these are spoilers so you have been warned!

Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
Kane comes out and cuts a promo about how he’s glad to be back at work. He thought he missed a lot but part of him says this was the right time to come back because WWE is on fire and who better to handle that than himself. He announces Kevin Owens and Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler and Ryback plus Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper with Dean Ambrose and The Wyatt Family banned from ringside.

Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper with Ambrose and The Wyatts banned from ringside. This was a quick match. Reigns won with a Superman punch and a spear.

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Warning! Spoiler area! To read click here!
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Sheamus when Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Sheamus after Rollins and Sheamus argued about the tag and the briefcase.

After the match, the lights went dark and a video promo from the Wyatts played. The Wyatts come out without Braun Strowman and brawl with Ambrose and Reigns. Lights! Up pops Strowman who chokes Reigns. Ambrose recovers. He and Reigns attack Strowman and knock him to the outside. Bray sets Roman for Sister Abigail but Reigns counters with a spear. Credit: PWInsider.com

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Faithful Season 2 Trailer by RomanReignsNet

Sunday Nights will have an extra dose of the 49ers. Premiering right after Sunday Night Football, on NBC Bay Area and 49ers, “Faithful” will air its second season premiering on September 13th. It will air every week of the 2015 season. This season will be extra special because Roman Reigns will let us in on what football did for him when he played. Watch the first trailer above.

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