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Being ‘The Guy’ means that through it all you have to not only prove yourself constantly, but you have to earn that title through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. That is just what Roman Reigns has done. Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Reigns has strived to be the best at everything he does. Being half Samoan and half Italian, he comes from one of the biggest blood lines to ever run through WWE, The Anoa’I family. As a young boy, Reigns started off playing football. He went on to play through college and did a stint in the NFL.

In 2010, Reigns signed a developmental deal with WWE under FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). Roman quickly became one of the top stars who then would go through NXT and hook up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They collectively came together as three separate powers which included The Lunatic, The Architect and the Samoan Powerhouse to form The Shield.

The Shield made a monstrous debut on the main roster in 2012, taking out all superstars who went about serving injustice. They seemed to be aiding CM Punk at the time. The Shield rose quickly to being top stars collecting the United States Championship and WWE Tag Team Titles. The Shield teamed together until June 2014. The Authority wanted power in their hands, so they concoct a plan to sway Seth Rollins away from The Shield. Rollins backstabbed Ambrose and Reigns. After this time, Roman Reigns began competing in singles competition and main eventing pay per views. Reigns went after the world title twice, once at Money In The Bank and Once at Battleground.
Reigns accomplishments so far include being a three time World Heavyweight Champion, a one-time tag team champion, the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble, 2014 Superstar of the Year. Through all of his accomplishments, Reigns still has critics. He has a good guy persona with an edge.

Reigns feuded with stars like Kane, Randy Orton and John Cena. He also feuded with Seth Rollins, but that feud was put on hold until Reigns dealt with a hernia injury. He returned to the WWE on December 8, 2014 to accept the “Superstar of the Year” award. A week later, Reigns made his return at the TLC pay per view, when Big Show interfered in Seth Rollins and John Cena’s match. Reigns attacked both Show and Rollins aiding John Cena in the win. This started a feud with Reigns and The Big Show which resulted in Reigns being victorious over The Big Show countless of times.

On January 25, 2015, Reigns entered the Royal Rumble at number 19 eliminating all other superstars who were Kane, Big Show and Rusev. During this time, The Authority pushed their weight around making Reigns fight harder than ever to stay on top. The Authority made Reigns put his hard fought WrestleMania victory on the line against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. After his win at Fastlane, Reigns was shockingly endorsed through promos by Bryan and Paul Heyman.
This set up a huge feud between Roman Reigns and then Champion Brock Lesnar. Things became heated and this was destined to be the match of the year. The match was in Lesnar’s favor until he left an opening for Reigns to get the victory. Or so we thought, soon as Reigns was setting up to put Lesnar away, Seth Rollins appeared out of nowhere to cash in his Money In The Briefcase Contract to ultimately steal the spotlight from Reigns.

After WrestleMania, Roman once again re-ignited a feud with The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules. Reigns won the match. After this, Reigns reentered the title picture in a fatal four way against Dean Ambrose Rollins and Randy Orton at Payback. He lost the match.
At Money In The Bank that year, Reigns competed in the historic ladder match to try and climb the ladder to gain a contract for the World Heavyweight title. Just as Reigns was set to win, Bray Wyatt interfered costing Reigns his opportunity. This set up a match between the two at Battleground which Wyatt won due to outside interference by Luke Harper. This would set up a tag match at Summer Slam. Reigns and Ambrose vs The Wyatt family’s Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. At the end of the match, Reigns pinned Roman. Then soon a new member of the Wyatt Family would be revealed in Braun Stroman.
At Night of Champions that year, Reigns and Ambrose would team with Chris Jericho to take on the Wyatt’s, but they were defeated. Hell in the Cell would see the end of the Reigns vs Wyatt feud when Roman Reigns pinned Bray Wyatt.

On October 26 edition of Raw, Roman Reigns competed in a fatal four way against Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Zigglar and Kevin Owens to see the next number 1 contender to Seth Rollin’s Championship. Reigns won the match, and was set to face Seth Rollins until Seth went out with a leg injury. This led to a tournament to crown a new champion. During this time The Authority tried persuading Reigns to join them but he didn’t entertain the idea. Reigns defeated Cesaro, Del Rio and his brother from another mother Dean Ambrose to win the championship. It was a short reign after HHH tried to congratulate Reigns, but Reigns hit him with a spear. This led to Sheamus coming out and cashing in his contract to win the belt ending Roman’s reign.

This led to a feud between Roman and The Authority again, but instead of Rollins they used Sheamus. At the TLC pay per view, Reigns failed to regain the title when Sheamus’s friends in the League of Nations. Reigns would then set out to attack them and HHH who came out to stop them.

The next night on Raw, Mr. McMahon gave Roman a rematch with a stipulation that his job would be on the line. After overcoming not only Sheamus, but Del Rio, Rusev and Mr. McMahon as well, Roman Reigns won the title for the second time.

Despite The Authorities antics on trying to dethrone Roman, he successfully defended the title until he had to face the inevitable. Roman had to defend his title in the historic Royal Rumble match that year. After eliminating five entrants, The League of Nations attacked Roman sending him backstage for most of the match. Upon his return he would be eliminated by HHH who became champion.

At Fastlane, Roman won a match against Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose to gain a shot at the title against HHH at WrestleMania 32, where he became champion for the third time defeating HHH.

Recently at the 2016 Payback event, Roman Reigns successfully defended his title against AJ Styles. He has proven time and time again that he is ‘The Guy’ through his career. The guy who doesn’t back down from a challenge, or even fans who hate on him. Normally, the boos would become unbearable to some, but for Roman it gives him that extra push. His family’s theme is warrior and you can come to the conclusion that that is what you will get if you try to disturb the Roman Empire.

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